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Corrotech Construction Chemicals has a mission to continuously bring new technologies and to concentrate on excellent service to our customers, with help from our Customer Service and R&D Departments.

Infrastructure Division concentrates on infrastructure and civil projects such as, but not limited to, roads, sewerage / drainage projects, desalination plants, power plants, bridges, tunnels, underpasses, railways, airport runways and airport construction, defense (aircraft) hangars, pipeline projects, townships, oil fields, marine structures, amongst others.

Our product range includes, but is not limited to:

1. Repair, Rehabilitation & Maintenance

Cementitious Repair Compounds (See LANKO Section), Epoxy Repair Compounds, Epo-Cem (Epoxy Cement Repair) Systems

2. Grouts, Adhesives and Anchors

Cementitious Grouts and Adhesives (See LANKO Section), shrinkage compensated admixtures for cementitious systems (See LANKO Section), Epoxy Adhesives, Epoxy Anchors, Polyester Anchors, Epoxy Grouts, etc.

3. Flooring Products

Cementitious Industrial and Decorative Floors, Epoxy Flooring Systems, Polyurethane Flooring Systems, Polyurea Flooring Systems, Hygiene flooring, Car Park Decking Systems, Floor Hardeners (liquid and dry-shake).

4. Joint Sealants, Filler Boards and Ancillary Products

Architectural Sealants ( Polyurethane / MS polymer / Polysulphide / Silicone / Acrylic), Industrial Sealants (including Epoxidised sealants), Airport Runway Sealants, Joint Formers (Bitumen impregnated, Cork, Polyethylene), HYPALON joint sealing systems, Hot applied Sealants.

5. Waterproofing Systems

Pre-formed Self adhesive bituminous membranes, Torch applied bituminous membranes, HDPE, EPDM & PVC membranes, Polyurethane Membranes, Polyurea membranes, Cementitious Waterproofing systems (See Lanko section), Bituminous damp proof coating systems, etc.

6. Waterstops & Preformed Gaskets

PVC Waterstops, Rubber Waterstops, Hydrophilic Resin Waterstops & Swelling gaskets, Re-injectable hose systems, Liquid hydrophilic waterstops, Injection Systems (flexible & foam forming), etc.

7. Protective Coatings

Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyurea, Acrylic, Polyester and Bituminous based protective coatings.

8. Car Park / Building Protection Systems

High impact resistance rubber based Wall Guard, Column Guard, Speed Humps, etc.

9. Miscellaneous Products

Non-woven and Woven Geotextile membranes, Geomembranes, Geogrids, Bentonite Membranes, Warning Tapes, Neoprene Rubber Pads, Polypropylene Fibres, OSB boards for replacing block work construction, Felts, Road Repair mortars, etc.

We also provide major contractors with superior "supply and apply" services for critical projects.

Design and Consultancy services are also provided. We will work with you from the design stage, including development of the specifications, choosing the right product, installation planning, and right through to system installation.

Our dedicated team members can provide:

  • Technical product data sheets
  • Technical advice
  • Customized product designs / selection
  • Tailored products to suit individual specifications and needs
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Specification clauses (also in NBS format)
  • Bespoke submittal packages
  • Group presentations / seminars
  • Group in-house product training
  • Method statements
  • Project references
  • Previous approvals
  • On site advice and application training
  • Specialist approved applicators

The Corro range of materials are Corrotech Construction Chemicals own brand that have been formulated over many years as a result of extensive market research, in house research and development, and stringent product testing. Over 150 products make up the CORRO brand portfolio of repair and protection products.

Lanko is the brand name given to a range of technical mortars (waterproofing, repairing, flooring, etc.), tile adhesives and grouts. The Lanko range is primarily sold through CCC Building Projects Sales team, who are all experienced engineers capable to understand industry problems and are able to offer a solution that suits individual needs.

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