Cement-based Grouts for Heavy Duty Applications

Grouting is one of the most effective ways to seal and strengthen the concrete structure projects. It is used in both of the soil and rock environments with the same main function but different methods. There are several ways of grouting, and one of the most common and effective is cement-based grouting.

In cementitious grouting, the main ingredients are cement, special polymers, and water. Its type should be determined in accordance with the grain size distribution in a particular project. Cement based grouts with non-shrink features are typically used for filling and grouting of base plates in steel framed buildings, machinery beds, crane rails, balustrades, bridge bearing pads and dowel bars.

Higher performance resin non -shrink grouts are available for situations that require resistance to dynamic loading, vibration and corrosion due to harsh environments and chemical attack. They are ideally suited for machinery anchoring and bedding in the automotive and canning industries.

CORROGROUT HS by Corrotech

Corrotech offers CORROGROUT HS, a non-shrink grout under its CORROGROUT range of products. It is a reliable non-metallic cement-based grout, free from chlorides and shrinkage to ensure the transfer of loads through to foundations whilst developing high early strength.

Corrogrout HS is a pre-mixed & bagged blend of cement, aggregates & special polymers, to give a non-shrink, high strength, free flowing, cementitious grout. These characteristics provide a smooth pouring grade consistency that completely fills the void between base plates and foundations for gap widths of 10 – 50 mm in a single layer of grout.

Corrogrout HS is commonly used for grouting heavy duty applications including machine base plates, column bases, and crane rails. It can also be used as an anchoring grout around threaded or high yield bolts for balustrades, fences and barriers. Corrogrout HS has a maximum shelf life of 12 months from the manufacturing date. In order to maximize shelf life, make sure to always store products in their original, unopened packaging in a dry environment.

Corrogrout HS Application

Pour the mixed Corrogrout HS into the form-work hopper in order to allow it to flow under the base plate. Keep topping up as required to ensure a continuous flow in a single operation. After the grout has achieved the initial set, dismantle the form-work and hopper, and trim the grout to finish as required. From simple void filling to precision engineering applications Corrotech Construction Chemicals have a vast range of grouting, anchoring and fixing products to meet every situation.

Corrotech’s systems offer perfect solutions for all high strength, non-shrink grouting, anchoring, and fixing applications. To view the complete product range of one of the most reliable construction chemical suppliers, click here.