Waterstops range is designed to be used in construction industry. They are used at the time of casting for sealing of expansion and construction joints. Waterstops come in pre-formed shapes for the ease of application. In contact with water, waterstops swell and form tight seal against concrete surfaces effectively stopping the flow of water through the joints.

Corrostop HWS

Corrostop HWS is a hydrophilic waterstop based on polymer technology that is used in construction joints of water retaining or excluding structures, particularly where traditional PVC waterstops are difficult to apply. It works by slowly swelling on contact with water to form a tight seal against concrete surfaces, effectively stopping the flow of water through the joint.

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Corrostop PVC

The Corrostop PVC plasticized water stop range are extruded high grade PVC profiles designed to be cast into construction or expansion joints to prevent the passage of liquids under pressure. They work by creating a tortuous path with their profile, making it harder for liquids to travel across the joint and penetrate into the structure.

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