Corroline HT CR 90


Solvent free outstanding chemical resistance coating


  • Very high chemical resistance
  • Very good temperature resistance


Apply the mixed material onto the prepared surface by brush or applicator tool. This should be in two coats at a target thickness of 300-400 microns (12-16mil) per coat. Apply the second coat as soon as possible after the first coat is dry and not in excess of 6 hours. Where the maximum over-coating interval is exceeded, the first coat should be sweep blasted and cleaned prior to over-coating. Where small volume mixes are required, the mixing ratio 4:1 by volume or 5.34:1 by weight.

For spray application, in order to achieve atomisation when spraying, heat should be applied to both Base and Activator components as follows: Base: 50-60°C (120°F-140°) Activator: 35-40°C (95°F-105°F) Trace heating on lines should be maintained at 45-50°C (115°F-120°F)

Dependent on the pump ratio, adjust the compressed air pressure to give a tip pressure of 4200psi at the tip. Spray using a 21-23 thou tip.

Spray apply the material in sufficient passes to achieve a minimum thickness of 500 microns (20mil) checking the film thickness regularly with a wet film thickness gauge and brushing out the test marks.

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Corroline HT CR 90

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