Corromix PC 810


High performance polycarboxylate based concrete admixture.


  • Corromix PC 810 is a new generation superplasticizer based on modified polycarboxylate and synthetic polymers.
  • Thanks to its specifically designed molecular structure, Corromix PC 810 enables the concrete manufacturer to produce cohesive, low viscous concrete with long workability retention.
  • Corromix PC 810 has been developed to maintain fresh concrete workability without compromising the setting time.
  • Corromix PC 810 enables the production of self-leveling concrete.


  • Corromix PC 810 is recommended for all concrete mixes where water content, improved cementitious material performance, high workability retention and very high strengths characteristics are desirable.
  1. All types of cement
  2. Heavy prefabrication
  3. High performance concrete, ultra high performance concrete
  4. Pre-stressed concrete
  5. Ready-mix concrete
  6. Concrete of humid, plastic or fluid consistency
  7. Normal or high flowable concrete
  8. High strength concrete with high workability retention
  9. Compatible with Micro silica, GGBS and Fly Ash.
  10. Extended workability concrete
  11. White or pale concrete

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