Corrosol UV Cured GRP Range

Since 2007 Corrotech Construction Chemicals (CCC) has been manufacturing the range of UV cured GRP products in our purpose built factory in Dubai Investment Park. Primarily we manufacture 2 main GRP laminates on SMC (Sheet Moulded Compound) machine utilizing either Polyester or Vinyl ester resins in the formulation as well as liquid systems for priming substrates, a standalone coating for pipe protection, as a top coat for Potable Water applications or exposure to Chemical attack. Manufacturing capacity of Circa 3,000 M2 per day ensures we will always be able to meet client’s needs, whether its for insulation protection, pipe wrapping or renewal of pipe support pads. Corrosol UV curing Technology offers endless Solutions.

Corrosol Protects Insulation and Mitigates Corrosion Under Insulation.

It’s a well-known fact that CUI costs the oil gas industry $ billions annually. CUI once apparent becomes very difficult to initially stop during plant operation. In the main traditional steel cladding systems are restricted in their ability to prevent moisture penetration and easily suffer from mechanical damage. Once the cladding and insulation has been breached, moisture quickly enters the system and in cryogenic situations rapidly solidifies before it can escape. This icing build up will continue to worsen until ultimately costly shutdowns are required. With experience dating back many years Corrosol PE IP UV cured GRP laminate and Corrosol Primecoat resins have been extensively used as a non metallic cladding in the protection of insulation and mitigation of problems associated with Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) in the oil and gas industry, particularly in cryogenic conditions. Corrosol PE IP through independent testing also complies with many International standards such as CINI.

Benefits of Corrosol UV Cured GRP Against Type 2 Aluminized Cladding

  1. Meets international insulation standards i.e. CINI
  2. Significantly reduces application times and costs
  3. Mitigates CUI in both thermal and cryogenic environments
  4. For the UAE, local manufacturer and supplier with material stock
  5. No skilled labour required i.e. sheet metal workers
  6. Totally seamless system
  7. Low vapour permeability – preventing moisture ingress
  8. Class 1 Fire Rating – does not hold a flame and will not melt
  9. Ease of inspection by any traditional inspection methods
  10. Good impact and compressive strength – reducing damage and entry points for moisture
  11. High chemical resistance – non corroding or damage from chemical attack
  12. Over 25 year track record – no recorded problems
  13. Reduces Life Cycle Costs (LCC) And Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  14. Reduces energy losses
  15. Full training package as standard
  16. Onsite supervision can be provided

Meeting International Demand

It is imperative that Corrosol products meet International standards and we reach out to our UV Cured GRP international customer base. This is even more the case within the world of Industrial Insulation. With this in mind CCC have signed a partnership agreement with Spencer Insulation, a renowned global specialist in representing key product manufacturers, whilst also being able to provide impartial advice to clients in the world of industrial insulation. This partnership will ensure we can reach key decision makers within engineering consulting companies, Oil and Gas asset owners and Global Insulation Contractors to highlight the benefits of these unique systems.


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