Corrobond ETA

Epoxy tile adhesive


Corrobond ETA is a 3 component, solvent free, thixotropic epoxy tile adhesive used for permanently fixing various types of tiles, marble or natural stone in areas subject to high abrasion, mechanical, chemical attack or permanent immersion.

Corrobond ETA provides high compressive, tensile & bond strength as well as being completely waterproof, and is compatible with a wide range of substrates including concrete, masonry, steel, plywood & existing tiles.

Complies to ANSI A 118.3 and ASTM C 881 – 78, Type 1, Grade 3, Class B and C.


Corrobond ETA is typically used in areas where cementitious tile adhesives may not be able to cope with the environment such as chemical & industrial process areas, dairies, fruit manufacturing, loading bays and other heavily trafficked areas on internal or external applications that are subject to damp or permanent immersion.


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