Corrofill EP

Low viscosity epoxy crack injection resin


Corrofill EP is a two component, solvent free, low viscosity epoxy resin, designed to deeply penetrate cracks in concrete, brickwork and masonry using gravity or low pressure injection methods, filling the crack completely to stop the ingress of moisture, chlorides or other contaminants, whilst restoring structural integrity due to its superior physical properties.

Corrofill EP has excellent adhesion to most substrates, can be used to fill cracks or voids down to 0.2 mm in width, and is supplied in pre-weighed packs ready for on site mixing and application, giving consistent performance.


Corrofill EP is typically used in conjunction with crack injection equipment to completely fill cracks down to 0.2 mm in width in concrete, brickwork and masonry beams, walls and columns to reinstate structural integrity.

Corrofill EP can also be used to repair & fill voids caused by delamination of screeds or floor finishes, without the need to remove the delaminated area.


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