Corrofloor 327


Heavy duty epoxy floor screed


Corrofloor 327 is a coloured, three component, solvent free, epoxy floor screed, consisting of epoxy resin, amine hardener and graded quartz filler, designed for use in heavy duty industrial flooring applications.

It has a trowel grade consistency that provides a dense, waterproof, non slip finish with excellent impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Corrofloor 327 is supplied in pre weighed packs ready for on site mixing and use, giving consistent properties and performance, and is applied at a nominal thickness of 5 mm.


Corrofloor 327 is suitable for a wide range of industries & applications particularly in areas subject to heavy abrasion, impact and chemical exposure such as food & beverage manufacturing, factories, warehouses and loading areas, workshop facilities, chemical processing and industrial applications.

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