Corrofloor CFS 30N

Pre-bagged, cementitious floor screed


Corrofloor CFS 30N is a pre-mixed and bagged blend of cements, aggregates & special polymers to give a high quality, cementitious floor screed with excellent workability and finishing characteristics.

Corrofloor CFS 30N is easy to use, requiring only the addition of clean water to give a consistent durable screed, with an application thickness of 10 – 50 mm in a single layer.


Corrofloor CFS 30N is used to provide a cementitious screed on top of structural concrete that can be finished to accurate levels, prior to the application of other internal finishes such as ceramic or marble tiles, parquet and other finishes. It can also be used as a patch repair to make up levels in light traffic areas, and is suitable for internal or external applications.


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