Corrogrout CTG

Coloured, cementitious tile grout


Corrogrout CTG is a pre-mixed and bagged blend of cement, fine fillers & special polymers to give a coloured, polymer modified, cementitious tile grout, for joints up to 5 mm around various types of tiles.

Corrogrout CTG is non metallic, free from chlorides, and available in a range of 16 standard colours.


Corrogrout CTG is typically used for grouting tiles including ceramic, marble and mosaic tiles, internally and externally, to areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies, corridors, balconies & living or commercial areas.

It can also be used for grouting swimming pools, water tanks and other permanently submerged areas with the addition of Corrobond SBR (see separate data sheet).


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