Corrocure WXB

Wax based curing compound


Corrocure WXB is a white liquid curing compound based on a low viscosity wax emulsion that dries to form a clear, non-penetrating, continuous membrane over new concrete, preventing rapid water loss during the critical early hardening stage, thus improving the efficiency of cement hydration, increasing durability and reducing the chance of plastic shrinkage cracks.

Corrocure WXB has environmental benefits, as no additional water is required to cure the concrete after application, therefore reducing subsequent labour and energy demand compared to continuously curing with water.

Complies to ASTM C 309 Type 1 Class A and Type 2 Class A.


Corrocure WXB is typically used to cure fresh concrete, particularly where using traditional methods of Hessian and water or polythene sheet are difficult such as high rise buildings, large surface areas or remote site locations.

Corrocure WXB is beneficial in hot countries where strong sunlight and winds can dramatically increase the risk of drying shrinkage on all areas of fresh concrete.


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