Corroprufe BRE


Rubber bitumen emulsion


Corroprufe BRE is a single component, liquid applied, bitumen emulsion, modified with rubber latex to give a flexible, tough coating that protects a wide range of substrates including concrete, steel and masonry, against damp and water vapour.

Corroprufe BRE is easy to apply, resists salts and sulphates typically found in ground conditions and has sufficient flexibility to accommodate subsequent hairline cracking.

Complies to ASTM D 1227, Type 3 Class 1.


Corroprufe BRE is used as a basic substrate protection, typically on sub-structures such as retaining walls, abutments, and culverts, or as damp proofing on ground floors, behind vertical cladding panels and other areas subject to possible damp ingress or moisture vapor.

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