Corroprufe CC


Waterproofing mortar, non-toxic, interior and exterior use


Corroprufe CC is a ready-to-mix hydraulic water-repellent micro-mortar for the protection of masonry and concrete structures.


Corroprufe CC is typically used to waterproof sunken masonry and concrete substrates in internal or external applications such as potable & storm water tanks, reservoirs, basements, underground structures, foundations, cellar walls and silos.

Other Products

Corroprufe 220 SBS

Corroprufe 220 SBS is an elastomeric, single component, cold liquid applied, high build, thixotropic emulsified bitumen, modified with an SBS synthetic rubber co polymer, to give an elastomeric coating that…

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Corroflex is a single component, high performance acrylic co-polymer based coating, designed to offer excellent long term waterproofing characteristics and resistance to UV degradation, whilst remaining flexible to give excellent…

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Corroprufe 1500PG

Corroprufe 1500PG is a 1.8-2mm thick, heavy duty, self adhesive sheet waterproofing membrane, consisting of a nonwoven spun-bonded polyester reinforcement with highly adhesive polymer modified bitumen either side, laminated with…

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