Product Ranges

Corrosol UV Cured GRP

Range of UV curing GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) based on vinyl ester and polyester resins, formulated for protection against corrosion, abrasion, impact, chemical attack, aggressive climatic environments, etc.

Corrosol PE IP - Sheet laminate used as a non-metalic cladding insulation protection for cryogenic and thermal applications and for mitigation of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation).
Corrosol VE GP - Sheet laminate. Typically used in protection of chemical storage tanks, oil storage tanks, bund walls, chemical spillage areas, above and below ground pipelines, roofs, splash zones and riser, etc.
Corrosol Primecoat - One component vinyl ester resin used as a primer prior to application of Corrosol Laminates.
Corrosol Sealcoat - One component vinyl ester resin for coating of laminates if additional protection is needed or as a stand alone corrosion protection system.

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Corrotech Construction Chemicals

Product solutions for civil, infrastructure, industrial and commercial products, including roads, sewerage and drainage projects, desalination plants, power plants, bridges, tunnels, underpasses, railways, airport runways and airport construction, defense (aircraft) hangars, pipeline projects, townships, oil fields, marine structures, amongst others.

Wide range of manufactured construction chemicals including:

Surface Treatment - Corrocure curing compounds
Corrorelease releasing agents
Corrotard surface retarders
Grouting and Anchoring - Corrogrout range
Concrete repairs - Corrocrete cementitious technical mortars
Corrofill fillers
Corromortar epoxy mortars
Adhesives and Bonding Agents - Corrobond bonding agents and tile adhesives
Corrofix contact adhesive
Flooring - Corrofloor cementitious and epoxy flooring solutions
Corrogard heavy duty polyurethane screeds
Corrofloor MMA flooring systems
Protective Coatings - Corrocoat coatings
Corrocoat PUA polyurea range
Sealants and filler boards - Corrocell
Corroboard bitumen based boards
Corroseal sealants
Waterstop - Corrostop range
Waterproofing - Corroprufe bitumen and cementations waterproofing
Corroflex acrylic waterproofing membrane
Corroboard protection boards
Primers, Thinners and Cleaners - Corroprime primers
Corroclean cleaning agents

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Drymix Technical Mortars

Full range of manufactured products which includes various types of plasters and renders, block laying mortars, block filling grouts, repair mortars, theming mortars and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems mortars).

CDM 100 Range - Corroplast range of plasters
CDM 200 Range - Corroplast mortars
Corrorock thixotropic mortar
CDM 300 Range - Corromortar block and bedding mortars
Corroblock block grout
CDM 400 Range - Corrodeco mortars
CDM 500 Range - CorroEIFS mortars for EIFS system mortars
Corrofix mortar
CDM 600 Range - Corrodrycrete dry concrete range

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Corrotech Concrete Admixtures

Corrotech Construction Chemical manufactures range of own concrete admixtures under the brand name Corromix.

Admixtures for Ready-mix concrete - Corromix PC 800
Corromix PC 810
Corromix PC 815
Corromix PC 820
Corromix SP 400
Corromix SP 505
Corromix SP 570WA
Corromix SP 572S
Corromix SP 572
Admixtures for Precast concrete - Corromix PC 700
Corromix PC 710
Corromix PC 720
Corromix PC 730
Waterproofing admixture - Corromix 600
Corrosion inhibitor - Corrotech CI 2005

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Belzona Polymerics

Range of repair composite materials and industrial protective coatings by UK based international manufacturer Belzona Polymerics.

1000 Series - Metallic Polymers
1100 Series - Paste grade rebuilding and resurfacing materials
1200 Series - Fast curing emergency repairs products
1300 Series - Ceramic filled abrasion/corrosion resistant products for coating and rebuilding
1500 Series - High temperature rebuilding and coating grade products
1800 Series - Specialist rebuilding materials
2000 Series - Elastomeric Polymers
2100 Series - High strength, abrasion and impact resistant, elastomeric products
2200 Series - Versatile, multi-purpose, elastomeric rebuild, coating and casting materials
2300 Series - Fast curing, emergency repair, elastomeric products
3000 Series - Polymeric Membranes
4000 Series - Magma Polymers
4100 Series - Concrete rebuild and resurfacing materials
4300 Series - Chemical resistant coating and rebuild materials
4400 Series - Safety flooring materials
4500 Series - Elastomeric expansion joint materials
5000 Series - Environmental Polymers
5100 Series - Cladding materials for various applications
5200 and 5800 Series - Epoxy materials
Belzona SuperWrap II

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METZ Acid Protection Systems

Metz Acid Proofing Solutions encompasses a range of products that is targeted towards protection of concrete and steel from severe chemical attack. This range of products provides protection from acids and alkalis in the range of PH 1 to 14. Typical areas for protection include primary and secondary containment areas, pits, trenches, sumps, sulphur pits, acid plants, fertilizer plants, refineries, food and beverage plants etc.

Acid Brick & Tile Systems Metz Acid Bricks & Tiles are acid resistant, heavy duty ceramic tiles manufactured to provide chemical and wear resistant floors and linings for chemical, food & beverage plants in conjunction with Metz acid resistant fixing materials.
Chemical Resistant Coatings & Linings Metz chemical resistant resinous coatings are used in corrosive environments where our clients wish to prevent attack of generally steel and concrete by extremely strong chemicals. Coatings are economical, highly resistant layers usually of 100–300 microns per coat.
Linings & Toppings Acid resistant linings and toppings are heavier-duty systems then coatings. Linings are approx. 1–2 mm thick systems, toppings are normally 2–8 mm in thickness.
Linings and toppings are more suitable than thinner coatings for repair of acid attacked concrete, for example when there is the need to fill areas removed by highly corrosive chemicals. These materials can be either poured, sprayed or trowelled into place.
Acid Proof Concretes Metz manufacture a range of acid proof concretes and mortars to resist the strongest chemicals in extremely demanding physical environments. Materials can be used as protective toppings, grout and mortars, or as concretes that require no further protective layers after placement.
Heavy/Medium Duty Toppings Metz medium/heavy duty toppings range from 2 to 5 mm in thickness and are available in degrees of surface texture to provide a slip resistant finish suitable for most applications.

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Corroline Anticorrosion Linings

Range of manufactured product for coating and lining of gas, water and Jet A1 pipelines and tanks.

Corroline EP MS50 - Epoxy gas flow pipe lining with medium solvent content
Corroline EP SF100 - Solvent free epoxy gas flow pipe lining
Corroline PW SF100 - Potable water rated pipe and tank lining
Corroline PWU100 - Coating suitable for field joints
Corroline HT50 - Solvented two component high temperature lining
Corroline SG60 - Solvented two component sour gas flow pipe lining
Corroline EPA1 - Epoxy JetA1 aviation fuel pipe and tank lining
Corroline HT CR90 - Solvent free high functionality epoxy coating
Corroline EP HA100 - High build solvent free heat activated coating
Corroline TB50 - High build solvent-free low emissivity coating
Corroline TB100 - High build solvent-free low emissivity coating

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