What is concrete Superplasticizer

Concrete has developed its definition from just being a mixture of cement, sand, and water. It used to be so, however, the advancement in concrete technology has developed this “mixture” of above mentioned various essential ingredients in the fulfillment of several desired properties such as the superplasticizer admixtures.

How superplasticizer admixtures are used?

Concrete Superplasticizers can be used in three different ways:

  1. To build flowing, self-leveling concrete without increasing water, without having to reduce cement and most importantly without sacrificing strength.
  2. To provide workable, high-strength concrete by reducing the water and thus the water-cement ratio.
  3. To save cement by reducing both the cement and water contents while maintaining the same water-cement ratio and the same workability at the same time.

What are the Effects of Superplasticizers on Fresh Concrete?

  • It improves workability, but the effect will still depend on the type, dosage and time of addition. Water requirement is reduced by 15 to 30 percent, which results in higher strength and lower permeability of concrete.
  • Superplasticizers produce higher than normal workability of 30-60 minutes and there will be a rapid loss of workability. While the slump loss will depend on the initial slump, type of cement and superplasticizer, time of addition, humidity, temperature, and presence of other concrete admixtures.
  • If flowing concrete is made, it is important to have precautions not to induce bleeding and segregation.

What are the Effects on Superplasticizers on Hardened Concrete?

  • Water reduction allows for producing high-strength concrete.
  • It allows the use of mineral admixtures including silica fume at low w/b ration, which allows the production of high strength concrete.
  • Shrinkage of superplastisized concrete is comparable to or less than normal concrete. However, there are still some exceptions.
  • The use of superplasticizers allows enhancement in the bond between reinforcing steel and concrete.

Superplasticizers are an essential aid for preparing high strength concrete. It is suitable for any type of concrete element including foundations, basements, water tanks, tunnels, canals, sewage and wastes treatment tanks, swimming pools, etc. If you are eager to know more information regarding the different types of superplasticizers and their particular uses, get in touch with our professionals from Corrotech Construction Chemicals, one of the leading chemical manufacturers in the UAE, by contacting them at +971 4811 2100.