EIFS System

CDM 550 – CorroEIFS Base Coat

CorroEIFS Base Coat is used as a base coat for the EIFS systems. It is also used as an adhesive to laminate EPS to listed substrates. It is an easy to use product with excellent workability. Mixing with water on site. The product is applied without the addition of cement.

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CDM 560 – CorroEIFS Finish Coat

CorroEIFS Finish Coat is a single component, cement based, ready to use decorative rendering over EIFS and other substrate. CorroEIFS Finish Coat’s fine thickness enables it to be both cost effective and easy on the structure. It is formulated to produce a fine finished appearance on new or renovated substrate. The product has excellent adhesion properties.

View CDM 560 – CorroEIFS Finish Coat TDS