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Admixture tanks - Admixture storage tanks; total capacity 450,000 litres per day
Admixture blenders - High speed admixture blenders. Total capacity 140,000 litres per shift
Customise floor coatings mixers - Special mixing equipments to manufacture customised products
Floor coatings mixer - floor coating mixer; State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to obtain quality products; total capacity 10,000 litres per shift
Cutting machine
Pull-off test to check the epoxy strength on the concrete
Compressive machine to check the compressive and flexural strength of the concrete epoxy mortar cement
Latest equipment available in concrete laboratory for concrete testing
Pressure meter to check the air entrainer in concrete
Water penetration test
Rapid chloride permeability machine
Tests are done regularly for every epoxy batch
Rapid chloride permeability testing in process
Finished good storage
Raw material storage
Raw material storage