Corrotech Building Maintenance was established in 1995 as the group’s dedicated facilities management department and is responsible for all general building management. It has grown exponentially and now employs in excess of 120 building management specialist and technicians.

The company is responsible for providing the Group with cleaning services. This includes ensuring that all facilities – such as air conditioning – operate correctly, efficiently and safely.

The company also oversees and coordinates the performance of external contractors such as specialist window cleaners, as well as handling electrical, plumbing, masonry, security, painting, and gardening requirements in house.

In addition to providing in-house services, Corrotech Building maintenance has established a name for itself in the private arena. The company currently operates maintenance and service contracts for over 2,000 villas and apartments across Dubai, providing peace of mind to private landlords and corporations across the Emirate. The company’s success is directly attribute to its highly qualified and professional team of technicians and, as a result, the company is recognized as an extremely conscientious and reliable partner for anyone who requires building management services.


Regular and one off garden maintenance, landscaping and related small building works, decorative installations and maintenance for patios, decking, fountains, and irrigation.

General Home Maintenance

Air conditioning and chiller servicing and maintenance, plus general plumbing and electrical requirements for commercial and private properties. Emergency call-out service provides 24-hour attendance for broken air conditioning units, blocked plumbing, broken pipes or other emergencies.

Masonry and Carpentry

General masonry and carpentry facilities are provided for small building and repair works.

Painting and Decorating

General decorating services are supplied, in addition to cleaning services for private and commercial properties. Specific client requirements include “make-ready” contracts, which ensure villas and apartments are painted and cleaned throughout to be ready for the new tenants. This includes carpets and upholstery and indoor and outdoor painting works.


Security services can be arranged for private and commercial properties, and can range from daily watchman services to 24-hours a day, 7 days a week security services.