Corromix PC 720


Superplasticizer – high range water reducer


  • Corromix PC 720 is a new generation superplasticizer – high range water reducer, based on modified polycarboxylate.
  • Corromix PC 720 is especially recommended for concrete requiring high early age and long term strengths, whilst maintaining the workability.
  • Corromix PC 720 enables the production of concrete with very low W/C ratios.
  • Corromix PC 720 enables the production of self-levelling concrete.


  • Corromix PC 720 is recommended for all concrete mixes where water content, improved cementitious material performance (more psi/lb) accelerated set times, reduced curing costs and very high early strengths characteristics are desirable.
  • Corromix PC 720 is especially adapted for any concrete application requiring increased early compressive or flexural strengths without detriment to ultimate strengths.
  1. All types of cement
  2. Heavy prefabrication
  3. High performance concrete, ultra high performance concrete
  4. Pre-stressed concrete
  5. Precast concrete
  6. Concrete of humid, plastic or fluid consistency
  7. Self-levelling concrete
  8. High strength concrete with workability retention

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