Corrocrete MC

High strength, structural micro-concrete


Corrocrete MC is a pre-mixed and bagged blend of cements, aggregates & special polymers to give a high strength, free flowing, structural micro-concrete suitable for large volume grout or repair applications to concrete.

Corrocrete MC is non metallic, free from chlorides and is shrinkage compensated to completely fill voids from 10 – 120 mm in a single layer, ensuring the transfer of loads whilst developing excellent compressive strength.


Corrocrete MC is typically used for grouting or repairing large volume applications such as pile heads, reinstatement to concrete columns, floors and other repair areas where a highly fluid material is advantageous, particularly with a high density of reinforcement, therefore ensuring good compaction around the bars.

It can also be used as a heavy duty floor screed & levelling compound from 10 – 120 mm on top of structural concrete.


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