Corrogard HD


Polyurethane screed


Corrogard HD is a heavy-duty, high performance, anti-slip polyurethane screed. Corrogard HD is a slip-resistant screed, designed to provide safety under foot and cleanability. It also provides superior all-round performance with built-in chemical resistance, wear, impact and abrasion resistance, and thermal shock resistance.


Corrogard HD is suitable for a wide range of industries and applications and is used to provide anti-slip surface with excellent chemical, impact and wear performance. It is resistant at temperatures from -25°C to 120°C at 9 mm thickness. It is a low odour and solvent free, easy to clean system. Optional biocide additive can be added. For its benefits it is suitable for food processing areas, including bakeries. Also for brewing and beverage industry, dairy processing, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and storage, etc.

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