Membrane protection board


Corroboard is a multi layer, semi rigid protection board composed of a mineral enhanced asphalt core between an asphalt saturated fibre glass mat, protected by a weatherproof polyethylene carrier film that provides a tough, lightweight, durable, waterproof and non degradable board, for the protection of waterproofing membranes.

Corroboard is easy to handle, can be used both horizontally and vertically, and is available in thicknesses of 3.2, 3.5 or 6 mm.


Corroboard is typically used to protect both liquid applied and sheet waterproofing membranes against impact damage from site activities and coarse or sharp materials during backfilling.

Other Products


Corroplug is an ultra-fast setting hydraulic mortar, which offers immediate and long-term protection against water leakage. It hardens within seconds and increases slightly in volume while setting.

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Corroprufe 1500PG

Corroprufe 1500PG is a 1.8-2mm thick, heavy duty, self adhesive sheet waterproofing membrane, consisting of a nonwoven spun-bonded polyester reinforcement with highly adhesive polymer modified bitumen either side, laminated with…

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Corroprufe BRE

Corroprufe BRE is a single component, liquid applied, bitumen emulsion, modified with rubber latex to give a flexible, tough coating that protects a wide range of substrates including concrete, steel…

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