Concrete Admixtures: Uses and Applications

Concrete is defined as a composite material that consists essentially of a binding medium within which are embedded aggregates. Most of the time, it is a combination of fine aggregate and coarse aggregate.

Concrete admixtures improve the properties of concrete in construction with special requirements. Chemical admixtures such as concrete superplasticizers can provide a number of beneficial effects on the handling of consolidation of fresh concrete as well as on the performance of both hardened and fresh concrete. To be able to successfully achieve the desired results and in order to avoid unnecessary instances, there are some precautions to be taken into consideration.

Furthermore, chemical concrete admixtures are used to achieve the desired workability in case of a low water-cement ratio. These admixtures also help in setting time of concrete for long distance transportation.

The following are some of the most important purposes for which admixtures are used:

  • Improved workability without increasing water content or decrease water content at the same workability level.
  • Accelerated time of initial setting.
  • Decreases of prevent settlement.
  • Modify the rate or capacity for bleeding.
  • Reduce segregation.
  • Enhance pumpability.
  • Decrease the rate of slump loss.
  • Increase bond of concrete to steel reinforcement.
  • Increase bond between existing and new concrete.
  • Improve impact resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • Inhibit corrosion of embedded metal.
  • Produce colored concrete or mortar

When Concrete Admixtures are being used?

  • When properties cannot be made by varying the composition of the basic material.
  • To produce the desired effects more economically.
  • Unlikely to make a poor concrete better.
  • Not a substitute for good concrete practice.
  • The required dose must be carefully determined and administered

Selection of Concrete Admixtures

Concrete chemical admixtures should be selected as per the specifications and should be used as recommended by a professional manufacturer like Corrotech Construction Chemicals.

For large concrete construction projects, the quantity of the admixture to be used should be obtained from tests reports for concrete mixed with admixtures at various percentage admixtures use. Chemical manufacturers say that these tests are conducted to fully understand the behavior of admixtures on the desired quality and strength of concrete. Thus, the optimum quantity of admixtures can be selected for a specific application based on results.

It is highly important that concrete admixtures should, including the Corromix Admixtures range, be used judiciously according to specification and method of application. This is to avoid adverse effect on concrete properties at fresh and hardened state. For more information and correct application of any type of concrete admixture, get in touch with us here at Corrotech Construction Chemicals at +971 4811 2100.