Corrocrete FC

Cementitious rendering mortar / fairing coat


Corrocrete FC is a single component, pre-mixed and bagged blend of cement, fine aggregates & special polymers, that produce a smooth mortar consistency that can be applied both horizontally or vertically at thicknesses of 3 – 10 mm, to fill pin holes and reprofile concrete or masonry.

Corrocrete FC is non metallic, free from chlorides and provides an excellent finish that can be painted on directly.


Corrocrete FC is typically used as a thin render to masonry and concrete surfaces or filling of pinholes, or irregularities in concrete particularly to hide shutter lines, blow holes and other imperfections in walls, that may otherwise reflect through or inhibit the subsequent applied finishes.

Corrocrete FC is compatible with Corro range acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane or polyurea coatings.


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