Corrocrete RRM

Fibre reinforced, high early strength, rapid setting, non-shrink mortar


Corrocrete RRM is a rapid setting, high strength, fibre reinforced, medium build roadway and footpath repair mortar. Corrocrete RRM can be applied in thicknesses from 15 mm to 50 mm without shrinkage. Corrocrete RRM reaches in excess of 50 MPa compressive strength in 24 hours. Initial set will occur within 20 mins.

Corrocrete RRM has low segregation of aggregate and fine particles at high water levels. It does not contain chloride accelators or metallic powders, so will not cause rusting or staining of surfaces and metal elements.


Corrocrete RRM is ideally used where rapid cure and high compressive strength are required during quick turn arounds, such as manhole covers, spalled concrete on railway lines, industrial floors, pot holes, bed faces for high traffic areas, concrete steps etc.


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