Corrogrout EP LE-M


Multi-purpose epoxy grout


Corrogrout EP LE-M is a 3 component, solvent free, pouring grade epoxy grout, specifically designed to develop high early and ultimate compressive strengths with low exotherm properties for heavy duty applications.

Corrogrout EP LE-M offers excellent load transfer, chemical and abrasion resistance, providing a smooth free-flowing consistency that completely fills the required gap or void from widths of 20 to 100 mm in a single layer of grout.


Corrogrout EP LE-M is suitable for use in many industries such as power, chemicals, oil, gas and automotive, for grouting very heavy duty applications such as turbines and generators, static machines subject to dynamic loads, crane rails, base plates of heavy plant or equipment or where chemical resistance is required.

It also provides a waterproof pile head treatment preventing water ingress into pile caps, and can be used for anchoring bolts into post drilled holes with an annulas of 5 – 25 mm greater than the diameter of the bolt or bar.

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