Corrogrout GP


General purpose pre bagged, non-shrink grout


Corrogrout GP is a pre mixed & bagged blend of cements, aggregates & special polymers, to give a non-shrink, free flowing, cementitious grout, providing a smooth pouring or trowellable grade consistency that completely fills the void between base plates and foundations, for gap widths of 10 – 50 mm in a single layer of grout.

Corrogrout GP is non metallic, free from chlorides and shrinkage compensated to ensure the transfer of loads through to foundations whilst developing excellent compressive strength.


Corrogrout GP is typically used for grouting general purpose applications such as column bases, tie bolt holes and joints between pre-cast elements, but it can also be used as an anchoring grout around threaded or high yield bolts for balustrades, fences and barriers.

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