Corroprufe 1500EG


Heavy duty, self adhesive, bituminous sheet waterproofing membrane


Corroprufe 1500EG is a 1.5 mm thick, heavy duty, self adhesive sheet waterproofing membrane consisting of a highly adhesive polymer modified bitumen layer coated onto a tough high density polyethylene carrier film with a release paper protection layer on the adhesive side.

Corroprufe 1500EG comes in pre-formed 1 m x 20m rolls and requires associated primers and protection board to provide a complete waterproofing system to both horizontal & vertical surfaces.


Corroprufe 1500EG is typically used as a waterproofing & tanking membrane to concrete & masonry structures in below ground applications such as basements, water retaining structures, retaining walls and foundations, but is also used to waterproof podiums, buried roofs and planters.

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