Since 1952, Belzona Polymerics Ltd. has been widely known as the world leader in composite repair materials & high performance coatings.

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Since 2007 Corrotech Construction Chemicals (CCC) has been manufacturing the range of UV cured Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) products.

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Metz was founded in Melbourne on the 25th of June 1953 & has since that time been a manufacturer of specialist building materials.

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About Us

As the exclusive and authorized distributor for the UAE, Molecular Corrosion Technologies (MCT) promotes and sells the Belzona Polymerics Ltd. range of composite repairs and specialist coatings.

In 1982, a partnership with Belzona Polymerics Ltd. UK was established, which operated under the name of Marketing Consultancy and Trading. After a restructuring in 2007 the company name was changed to Molecular Corrosion Technologies (MCT).

There are MCT branch offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi under the trade licensed company Mutawa Corrosioneering.

Application Services Division (ASD)

Founded to meet the growing demand for turnkey solutions, ASD employs and trains professional tradespersons and NACE qualified inspectors to apply and install the protective coating & repair systems to guarantee a full warranty. Whether it is at the client’s premises, on site or in an MCT workshop, these professionals have the expertise to correctly apply high performance coatings to concrete and various grades of steel by conventional or airless spray, by hand or via an applicator.

The MCT workshop facilities have dedicated abrasive blasting equipment, which can accommodate any size of project; while the trained staff are adept in the application of all types of protective coatings and paste grade systems from single pack to plural component.