MCT is the UAE’s exclusive distributor of METZ, an Australian manufacturer and supplier of specialist building materials. The METZ range includes acid proofing and industrial flooring, acid brick and tiles, resinous flooring, industrial tile systems, and industrial linings and coatings.

Metz’s acid proofing solutions comprise a wide range of products that are protect concrete and steel from severe chemical attack, namely acids and alkalis in the range of PH 1 to 14.These solutions offer barrier protection between the base concrete and the floor area by using multi-layered systems comprising primer, membrane, chemical resistant mortars, screeds, self-levelling coatings, tiles, bricks etc.

The system selection is based on the following criteria:
  • Type of chemicals
  • Concentration
  • Temperature
  • Physical load

The typical industries that benefit from Metz’s acid proofing solutions are acid production plants, fertilizer plants, refineries, food and beverage plants, power and desalination plants, chlor-alkali plants, chemical storage warehouses etc.

Metz products are widely used for protection on concrete and steel in the following areas within plants:
  • Primary & secondary containment areas
  • Trenches, neutralisation pits & dumps where acids/solvents are collected
  • Acid production areas
  • Acids/chemical storage areas
  • Pickling lines
  • Wastewater plants
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Sulphur pits (new & refurbished)
  • Production floors requiring chemical resistance
  • CIP rooms
  • Food & beverage plants
  • Unloading bays