Since 2007 Corrosol has been a pioneer in manufacturing a range of UV cured Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) products, including UV Cured resins, fillers and topcoats at its purpose built factory in Dubai Investment Park.

It also manufactures two main GRP laminates on SMC (Sheet Moulded Compound) machine using either Polyester or Vinyl ester resins for the following purposes:

  1. Insulation protection to mitigate corrosion under insulation (CUI) – pipes, tanks, vessels, equipment etc.
  2. Corrosion prevention on bare metal and concrete substrates – tank roofs, pipe supports, buried pipeline jackets, pipeline thrust boring, etc.
Corrosol protects insulation & mitigates CUI

CUI costs the Oil & Gas industry billions of dollars each year in detection and maintenance. Once the process has started, it is difficult to halt, especially during plant operation. Therefore, it is vital to have a suitable system in place to stop this phenomenon.

Traditional metal cladding systems are limited in their ability to prevent moisture entry (the main cause of CUI) and they also easily suffer from mechanical damage. Once the cladding system has been breached, moisture quickly enters the system and in cryogenic environments it rapidly solidifies before it can escape. This build-up will continue over time and ultimately costly shutdowns are required to fix the problem. But there is a better solution: enter CORROSOL UV Cured GRP.

Created using the latest scientific research and in compliance with international standards set by CINI, Corrosol UV cured GRP is a superior alternative to the traditional products and provides a seamless solution, which eliminates moisture entry and stops the onset of CUI.